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Outdoors Club

Frank McCourt High School

2012-2013 Outdoors Club

Purpose: To give students an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the outdoors together while promoting healthy choices, physical fitness, and social wellness.

Meetings: We will meet on Monday at least two weeks prior to a trip for the purpose of stirring interest, clarifying any questions, preliminary planning, and distribution of permission slips. We may also meet to debrief a previous trip, update the website with trip pictures, reflections, blog posts, or discuss other relevant outdoor education topics.

Trips: The club’s goal is to take at least five day trips on Saturdays during the course of the year. If there is sufficient student interest and chaperone support, we may plan additional trips. Transportation to and from the site will be via public transportation. A detailed description of the trip will be provided to all interested participants at least two weeks prior to the trip.

Activities: Hiking and Rock climbing will be the two primary activities of the club.

Cost: Joining the club is absolutely free. The cost of trips will be approximately $10-25. (Depending on rental rates, MTA Metro North, and Coach Bus Lines ticket costs) Students must have all necessary permission slips (specific trip with activities listed and the hold harmless waiver) signed and fees paid in order to participate in a trip.

Benefits: Having a great time with friends from school while enjoying the New York and New Jersey State Parks. Necessary gear will be provided to participants. Hands on learning of a variety of outdoors topics including but not limited to trip planning, risk management, team dynamics, gear choice, basic wilderness first aid, nutrition, survival skills, dressing for comfort and performance. Students will also have opportunity to publicly display their work (photography, prose, or poetry) reflecting on their experience on the trip.