Tips and Tricks for Parents

Tips and Tricks!

If you need to reach out to the school about your child's performance, attendance, behavior or emotional needs, please consider the following steps:

1) Check Jumprope:
If you have a question about your child's performance or attendance, make sure you check Jumprope first. You can check your child's daily classroom attendance and grades on assignments there. For help logging in, ask your child or his/her advisor.

2) Contact your child's Advisor:
Advisors are the first point of contact for all of your child's needs. If you have questions regarding your child or need to share information about your child with the school, the Advisor can help you to figure out who to contact, and often can serve as your liaison.

3) Contact your child's teacher:
Although it is recommended that you ask the Advisor first, you can also go to a teacher directly if your child needs extra help or you have questions. Please make sure that you have checked Jumprope before you do so.

4) Contact Guidance:
If your child has behavioral or emotional needs, our highly trained guidance team is available to help.

-Contact Mrs. Houlihan if your child is in 9th or 11th grade or has mandated counseling with her.
-Contact Ms. Morris if your child is in 10th or 12th grade or has mandated counseling with her.

5) Contact the Dean:
For disciplinary issues, please contact our Dean, Mr. Schwartz.

Administrative Questions

Has your child lost a metrocard or a permission slip? Do they need working papers or proof of school registration? Please contact Shelly Lichtman in our main office.

Struggling with Communication?

Children often come to us with a constellation of issues that they are hoping we can fix for them. As parents, it's difficult to tell whether they have utilized all of their resources before asking us. Here are some questions you can ask your child to help him/her problem solve on his/her own (or to check if you're getting the whole truth and nothing but the truth):
  1. Has the assignment been graded on Jumprope?
  2. When did you turn in the assignment? When was it due?
  3. What is your teacher's policy on re-doing work that has a low outcome?
  4. Is there a specific outcome at which you regularly score poorly? Do well?
  5. What feedback have you received from your teacher regarding this concern?
  6. Have you checked the homework on your teacher's page on the website?
  7. Have you spoken to your advisor about this issue?
  8. Have you visited your teacher during office hours?
  9. Have you checked the announcements online to see if your answer is there?
  10. Have you emailed your teacher or a peer?
Sometimes, knowing that a teacher and parent are on the same page can spark a student to take more responsibility. I hope these questions help your child to do so!