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Websites for College Bound Teens

1.  College Navigator - - federal website that offers basic information about colleges.

2.  Cappex - - This site matches you with schools, provides a "What Are My Chances" calculator and also matches you with scholarships.

3.  College Confidential - - offers a search function and "good advice" for college bound teens.  Also offers a discussion board where you can have questions answered by college reps.

4.  The College Solution - - Great blog by Lynn O'Shaughnessy, author of Shrinking the Cost of College.  Tell your parents to check this one out!

5.  Big Future - - offers short, easy to digest articles that covers the whole search process.  Includes videos on "what to do about low grades," "what undocumented students need to know" and "tackling those admission essays."

6. Fair Test - - Looking for scores that don't consider admission test (SAT/ACT) scores or weigh them as heavily?  This site offers over 800 colleges that are "test-optional" or "test-flexible".  Be sure to research what the specific requirements are for each school.

7.  NYC College Line - http://NYC College - this is designed specifically for New Yorkers.

8.  Going To College - - This site is geared toward college bound students with disabilities.  It offers simple and thoughtful self-assessments and helpful tips on how to find right-fit schools.

9. FastWeb - - Looking for scholarships?  Complete a profile and you will be matched to scholarships that fit your interest, talents, academic achievement and geographic area.