Unit 1 - Assignment#1 - 1D Kinematics

posted Sep 3, 2014, 8:07 PM by ms.jun@fmhsnyc.org
On Thursday (Sept. 11th), we will be doing a lab/seminar on finding the initial velocity of a popper toy. To prepare for this lab, I would like for you to...
  1. read and annotate chapters 1-2 from openstax textbook in BLUE INK on loose-leaf.
  2. read and annotate chapters 1-2 from ck-12 textbook in BLACK INK on loose-leaf.
  3. openstax textbook p.83 #43 (this problem is a HUGE hint on what our lab is going to be about!)

*You may notice that both textbooks say similar things about kinematics... so if you have taken detailed notes first from openstax book and would like to just add a few new or emphasize on important stuff from the ck-12 book, just do that in a different colored ink. You don't have to take the same notes twice. So, an advice would be to fold the page in half hot-dog style and pick one of the two books to start taking notes from. Then, just add notes on the other side corresponding to that concept. Let me know if you have any clarifying questions.