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Humanities 9 Resources

Ms. Da Costa, Mr. Barrera  Ms. Evar,

Humanities combines Global History and Literature in order to provide a more in depth and meaningful look at the development of civilizations and cultures worldwide.  Throughout freshmen year, students will begin their learning experience with ancient civilizations and end the year with specific ideological and political  revolutions.  Each unit of study is guided by an essential question, and ample time is allotted for student inquiry.  The aim is to give students a firm understanding of the major historical events and themes of world history, using classic texts to facilitate understanding.  Students will also build creative and persuasive essay writing skills.  Finally, students will prepare for the Regents examinations in both Global History and Geography and English Language Arts that will take place upon completion of their sophomore year. While Humanities 9 is an integrated class of Global History and English, you will earn a single grade for the course and upon passing, students will receive two English and two Global History credits.

Units this year:

  • Unit One: Ancient Civilizations & Innovations Technology

  • Unit Two: Odyssey of Greece

  • Unit Three: Belief Systems

  • Unit Four: Age of Exploration and Columbian Exchange

  • Unit Five: Renaissance

  • Unit Six: Revolutions & Cultural Diffusion in Latin America