Due Wednesday, June 9

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1) Complete DBQ Practice. Set up the prompts on page 3 &4. You do not have to set up the 2nd prompt. 

2) Complete Thematic Essay Practice: On looseleaf, set up a graphic organizer for BOTH thematic essay prompts. You should have received the handout today with both prompts. If not, here are the prompts:
  • Select two belief systems from your study of global history and for each 
    • Explain one major idea of the belief system (You may use any belief systems from your study of global history. Some suggestions you might wish to consider include Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism.)
    • Discuss the effects the belief system has had on the politics, society, and/or the economy of a specific nation or region

  • Select two technological innovations and for each
    • Discuss why the technological innovation was important during a specific time period (You may use  any technological innovation from your study of global history. Some suggestions include irrigation systems, astrolabe, printing press, factory systems, nuclear weapons, chemical pesticides, and satellites launched into space.)
    • DIscuss the positive and/or negative effects this technological innovation had on a society or on humankind