Due Wednesday, 9/24/14

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NOTE: This HW is due Wednesday, but you have an ISM 10 Test on Wednesday. It would be in your best interest to do some of your Humanities HW before Tuesday! Remember SELF-DIRECTION. 

1. WWI Response Paper: 3 paragraphs/1 page long.You must include 3 terms and 2 pieces of evidence
  • Paragraph 1: Who made the strongest case for entering the war? What specific points did the speaker make to prove their point?
  • Paragraph 2: Identify any weaknesses of the presentation. What could have been done better?
  • Paragraph 3: What counterclaim should be considered when evaluating the speaker's point of view?
Here is the link to your WWI PROJECT RUBRIC. Please review it and let us know if you have any questions!

2. Please fill out your WWII Lit Circle Book Choices