Due Monday, 3/16/15

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Read Heart of Darkness to page 59 and complete reading log 5.

Finish your Stations activity if you have not finished it yet:
  • Vocabulary: Choose a passage or sentence you have struggled with so far. Identify unknown words within the excerpt. On your sheet of paper, write the unknown word. Then use a dictionary to define the word on the top of the paper (include page).  Below the definition, draw an image that represents the meaning of the word (within the context).
  • Characters: Find a passage where you see Africans or Africa described so far in the text. Using the text, create a found poem from Marlow’s perspective.
  • Plot: Create a map of the journey so far. You must include all major stops that Marlow has visited & three important quotes.
  • Setting: Create a visual of one scene in the book so far. You can draw or create a collage. Must include the text of the chosen passage.