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1. Project due on May 21!

In order to complete this project you should use the Ozone with a Split Personality Reading, Ozone Fact Sheet Reading, and your lab packet. I have attached the lab packet since I collected them. You should also use the videos. The rubrics are also attached. You will be graded on Chemistry 13 and Writing 4C. PLEASE LOOK AT THE RUBRIC!!!!! 

You should have the following info in your book: 

List of Content you must explain:

  • Forward and reverse reaction of the making of ozone (O3). You must explain all the steps.

  • What are CFCs? Include a Lewis dot diagram and/or a drawing of the molecule.

  • How do CFCs affect the equilibrium expression of ozone? Does it shift to the right or left?

  • What effects can shift the reaction forward?

  • What effects can shift the reaction reverse?

  • What effect must happen to reverse the effect of CFCs?  

Link to Ozzy Ozone 

Link to AMAZING video to explain what is happening to the molecules!! 


Link to another good article 

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