HW - 10 B/C - Due tomorrow Dec. 19

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1. Complete the final essay for the periodic trends unit. 

Response Paper Write-Up Outline

Introduction - Purpose and Connections to Math and Science. What does periodic mean? Give examples in both math and chemistry.

Paragraph II - Explain the procedure for discovering the trends in the periodic table. What are the trends? (Atomic Radius, Ionization Energy, Electronegativity) Can you predict physical or chemical properties of an element if you know its location on the periodic table? How?

Paragraph III - Explain the procedure for graphing the trends in the periodic table. Explanation should include the features of a periodic function graph as compared to the “quasi-periodic” graphs created. Attach the graph and explain the features of the graph explicitly in this paragraph. Include the equation y=A·sin(B(x-C))+D that you came up with including the values for A, B, C, and D and explain how you came up with these values.

Conclusion - Restate the purpose and connections to periodic functions and the periodic trends in the periodic table. What is periodic about the periodic table?