HW - 10B/C

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1. Complete all the discussion questions and extension questions, even the ones originally you were told not to do. 

Discussion Questions

1.  Did the Twizzler-ium ever completely disappear? Explain.


2.  Compare and describe the two graphs. How are they similar? How are they different?


3.  What was the half-life of the Twizzler-ium?


4.  If you had started with a GIANT Twizzler-ium (2x the normal size) how would this have affected the shape of your second graph? Explain.


5.  Describe the effect on the graphs if you took a bite every 90 seconds.


Extension Questions

1.  Write a balanced nuclear equation for beta emission from phosphorus-32.


2.  If 50% of a radioactive element remains after 4000 years, what is the half-life?


3.  The half-life of a certain radioactive element is 1250 years. What percent of the atoms remain after 7500 years?


4.  The half-life of a certain radioactive element is 800 years. How old is an object if only 12.5% of the radioactive atoms in it remain?