Chem B/C - HW Sept. 30

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1. Answer the KMT multiple choice questions. Please write all explanations to the questions on a sheet of loose leaf. 

2. Read and annotate the packet given in class. It is also attached. Please note you need to locate the page with Boyle's law and Charles Law in the attached file. 

3. Please make sure you also copy down the five postulates into your notebook. Here they are: 


1. The molecules move in constant, rapid, random, straight-line motion.

2. Gases are tiny molecules in mostly empty space.

3. The molecules collide elastically   with container walls and one another.

4. There are no attractive forces between molecules.

5.  The average kinetic energy of the molecules is proportional to the Kelvin temperature of the sample.

4. Watch this video to help you better understand the kinetic molecular theory:
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