Homework - due 3/3/2015

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  • %Comp of Sugar in Gum DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (#1-4) due tomorrow (3/3/2015)! - it's a pink packet with Spongebob and Patrick on it!!!
    • Note: we did all 4 questions in class... you should just find out where you put the lab sheet so you can hand it in!
  • Complete the 10 multiple choice questions on the worksheet (nuclear reaction equations) showing all work where applicable! (NO WORK, NO POINTS!)
  • Read the article I gave out in class and fill in the graphic organizer (reading protocol).
  • Log your evidence in your EVIDENCE FOLDER that I gave out in class! You should have up to 4 pieces of evidence from previous lessons and 1 more from tonight:
    • Human Population Growth Graph Analysis - 2/23
    • Indian Point Article - 2/23
    • Billions and Billions Article - 2/23
    • Footsteps Video Questions - 2/23