Homework - due 2/24

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  • Read and annotate the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS article (it's the last two pages in your packet) - CLICK!
  • Watch the following video clip (CLICK) and answer these following questions on loose-leaf!
    • Explain the alternative source of energy described in the video.
    • What are some problems with this alternative energy source?
Chem HW:
  • Use the Science Outcome Rubrics to edit your lab report on %Sugar in Gum. Your lab report is due Friday (2/27/2015)!
  • Your MOLES Project is due next Monday (3/2/2015) not the previous due date!!
    • Project Portfolio with all the work for all the parts (I, II, III, IV)
    • Wanted Poster
      • Describe how you determined the killer. Be specific in how you did all the chem work!
      • Explain the MOTIVE of the killer!
  • MOLES UNIT TEST THURSDAY (2/26/2015)!!!