Chem HW - due 5/27/2015

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  • Study for your quiz (naming and drawing alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes)!
  • Finish p.1-3 of your gumdrop packet. This means you need to print out your photos and paste them into your packet!
Every single one of you will be required to take the final exam on June 10th. It will cover the second semester content (Quarter 3 and 4) and there won't be any extra review classes bc our organic chemistry unit will go up to end of June 5th. If you want to review then you must attend the prep classes. 

Below is a list of content that was covered during the second semester. You should choose and pick what days you should attend so you can get a review. But before attending a prep class, you must complete the HW for that prep class, or you will not be able to keep up with the prep class.
  • moles and conversions
  • nuclear chemistry
  • solubility
  • acids and bases
  • electrochemistry
  • kinetics and equilibrium
  • organic chemistry