Chem HW - due 5/20/2015

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  • To prep for Tuesday's class:
    • You must have finished the Ozone Project KNTK chart (yellow packet) using the links posted on ISM10 page.
    • You received your Ozone Project booklet. Leaving the Cover Page to design last, please use pencil to start drafting your ideas for your project.
      • Here's a link to a pdf to what a student created last year (CLICK).
      • You must explain in your project:
        • Where exactly is the Ozone Layer? What are the layers of the atmosphere?
        • What is the purpose of the Ozone Layer?
        • Facts about O3 vs. O2
        • Explain the equilibrium between O3 and O2, and how exactly they work in the Ozone Layer.
        • What are CFCs? Where do they come from? What do they do to the Ozone (explain the disruption of the normal equilibrium that supposed to exist in the ozone)? Why are they bad for the Ozone Layer?
        • How can we prevent this?
Some dates to remember:
  • Unit Exam tomorrow - STUDY!!
  • Le Chatelier's Lab due Thursday
  • Project due Friday