Chem HW - due 5/15/2015

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  • Complete the PRELAB (CLICK) - all the questions in the Lab Packet (except for the actual lab)!!
Some dates to remember:
  • Le Chatelier's Principle Lab Practical tomorrow!
  • Project Day next Tuesday
  • Unit Exam next Wednesday
  • Le Chatelier's Lab due next Thursday
  • Project due next Friday

  • To prep for Tuesday's class:
    • You must have finished the Ozone Project KNTK chart (yellow packet) using the links posted on ISM10 page.
    • You received your Ozone Project booklet. Leaving the Cover Page to design last, please use pencil to start drafting your ideas for your project.
      • Here's a link to a pdf to what a student created last year (CLICK).
      • You must explain in your project:
        • Where exactly is the Ozone Layer? What are the layers of the atmosphere?
        • What is the purpose of the Ozone Layer?
        • Facts about O3 vs. O2
        • Explain the equilibrium between O3 and O2, and how exactly they work in the Ozone Layer.
        • What are CFCs? Where do they come from? What do they do to the Ozone? Why are they bad for the Ozone Layer?
        • How can we prevent this?