Chem HW - due 5/1/2015

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  • In GoogleDocs (if you have not already), title your document "[last name, first name] - [section] - Lab#17 Voltaic Cells". Then, share it with Ms. Jun!
    • For example: Ketchum, Ash - 10E - Lab#17 Voltaic Cells
  • In the same GoogleDoc document, FINISH your lab report using the lab report guidelines (CLICK) - scroll to the second page.
    • Make sure to
      • do MLA citations for outside resources you used to write your Purpose and put the Works Cited at the end of the lab (alphabetized).
      • write more than just one sentence for your hypothesis... elaborate on your "if... then... bc..." statement.
      • include all safety precautions
      • include all materials
      • include all methods detailing all the trials you went through! BE SPECIFIC!!!
      • include your data table
      • when writing your conclusions, refer to Science 4 rubric (all 5 bullets!)
      • grammar/spelling check!!
  • In your lab notebook, answer all Discussion Questions we completed together AND the following Qs that were on the board:
    • Did oxidation occur at the anode or the cathode?  Did reduction occur at the anode or the cathode? Which electrode is the anode? Which electrode is the cathode? In which direction did electrons flow?
    • Which modifications were most effective in increasing the potential difference generated by the cell?  Why do you think these changes led to a greater potential difference?