Chem HW - due 4/23/2015

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  • Complete p.3-5 from your VOLTAIC CELLS packet.
  • Tomorrow is your first chemistry regents diagnostic exam. Tell your parents about it!
  • Due Friday (4/24/2015) is p.6-7 from your VOLTAIC CELLS packet. Section 10D will not have class on Friday due to Spirit Pep Rally in the afternoon. This means that you need to show me your packet some time during the Spirit Pep Rally in exchange for your lab notebook. You need your lab notebook over the weekend so that you can set up your lab for Monday.
  • Due Monday (4/27/2015) is the lab set-up for creating your voltaic cells. You need your lab notebook to do this. For section 10A, you will receive your lab notebooks in class on Friday. For section 10D, you must see me during Spirit Pep Rally to get your lab notebook.
    • To set up your lab notebook, you must write the PURPOSE, MATERIALS, METHODS, and DATA TABLES on your own, in your own words. As always, after each step of the Methods, you must draw a diagram. Use your VOLTAIC CELLS packet p.6-7 to help you create the Data Tables. If you are still confused, access the following website (CLICK).
  • ELECTROCHEMISTRY UNIT EXAM - Wednesday (4/29/2015)