Chem HW - due 3/17/2015

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  • Set up your lab notebooks for Lab#13 - Like Dissolves Like (if you lost the sheet - CLICK HERE)
    • Never re-write the Background Information but always read and annotate it! The Background Information (most of the times) have hints to your discussion questions!
    • You must put METHODS into your own words and draw diagrams for each step to help an outsider understand how to do each step (graded for Science 1).
    • Replicate the charts, leave room so that you can write down observations during the lab.
    • You do not have to copy down the questions for Data Analysis or Discussion Questions but leave room so that you can answer them later!
  • If you did not finish the classwork from today, you must finish it! It will be collected to be graded!
*Moles Test Corrections and Parent Signatures due Thursday!
**If you received a 7 or below on any outcome in any labs, you must come to office hours to fix up your labs so that you may get the hours you need to be eligible to take the Regents Chemistry Exam!