Chem HW - due 12/8

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  • Read and annotate the following reading from this website (CLICK)
  • Finish Lab#8 Discussion Questions in your lab notebooks by Tuesday 12/9/2014
Check List for Lab#8 - What should have finished by Monday so you'll be prepared for class:
  1. Plotted all your points for all three graphs.
  2. Label all points with element symbols.
  3. Connect points with correct color.
  4. Replicate the Data Chart in lab notebook and filled it in. If you don't know how, read the PROCEDURES section of your packet.
  5. Make a vertical line in your graphs where the period begins (H, Li, Na, K)
  • As stated in class, this integrating unit is a short unit for chemistry! You will have a UNIT QU-EST (longer than a quiz but shorter than a test) on Thursday next week (12/11)!
  • Atoms Test Parent/Guardian Signature and Corrections due Friday, 12/12 - NOT THE PREVIOUS DATE
    • To do corrections, explain why your previous answer is incorrect, explain/show work where applicable how/why your new answer is correct.
    • If and only if you complete these tasks (parent signature and corrections) should you be eligible for the retest. The retest will be harder than the original exam and will be all long-answer questions. Additionally, retest scores will be averaged out with the previous test score to replace the previous test score.