Chem HW - due 12/1

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  • Scientist Project - News Flash! (Refer to the Project Website (CLICK)
Some Dates to Remember:
  • Decay Practice Worksheet due Tuesday (12/2/2014) - checked for prep&content
    • short 5 minute quiz on this topic on Wednesday (12/3/2014)!
  • Flame Test Lab Report due in class on Wednesday (12/3/2014)!! Remember to attach your rubric to the lab report!
    • CLICK HERE for the Lab Report Guidelines
      • it's helpful to read and annotate the rubric before starting your lab report!
      • make sure to...
        • (science 0) refer to your rubric to figure out how to write your PURPOSE.
        • (science 0) include a paragraph long HYPOTHESIS that starts out as "if... then... because..." - we did this in our lab notebooks as a kick-off statement!
        • (science 1) make your METHODS section an INTEGRATING grade by revising your METHODS from your lab notebook because there are a lot of steps for this lab and not many people were specific enough for EACH step!!
          • remember, you want somebody who isn't taking chemistry class to be able to do this lab without any help!
          • you cannot assume they know how to turn on the bunsen burner!
        • (science 2 and 3) replicate your DATA TABLE but enhance it with COLORS!
        • (science 4) write a 2-3 paragraph conclusion on this lab following the rubric!
          • you may want to even refer to the discussion questions you've answered already and integrate them into the conclusion!
    • Share your GoogleDoc by 12/2/2014 3pm if you want feedback before handing in your final version (must be printed and attached to rubric)!!