Chem HW - due 11/25

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  • Complete at least half of the Unit Test Study Guide - (CLICK HERE IF YOU LOST THE PACKET)
Some Dates to Remember:
  • Unit Exam Wednesday (11/26/2014)
    • see previous post on the topics tested on the exam!
  • Final Draft of project due Monday (12/1/2014)!! Refer to Project Website (CLICK)
  • Flame Test Lab Report due in class on Wednesday (12/3/2014)!! Remember to attach your rubric to the lab report!
    • CLICK HERE for the Lab Report Guidelines
      • it's helpful to read and annotate the rubric before starting your lab report!
    • Share your GoogleDoc by 12/2/2014 3pm if you want feedback before handing in your final version (must be printed and attached to rubric)!!