Chem HW - due 11/19

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  • Complete the Auroras and Fireworks Worksheet! (2 sided)
    • Completing this HW will help you write a better "Purpose" for your Flame Test Lab Report (see below for due date)
  • If you did NOT finish your Pre-Lab (5 parts) for the Atomic Spectra Lab, please finish it!!

Some Dates to Remember:
  • Rough Draft of project due Thursday (11/20/2014)!! Refer to Project Website (CLICK)
    • This means that you should have either an outline of your idea for your project or have started your project/gotten somewhere with the project.
  • Final Draft of project due Wednesday (11/26/2014)!!
  • Unit Exam Tuesday (11/25/2014)!!
  • Flame Test Lab Report due Monday (12/1/2014)!!