Chem HW - due 11/12

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  • On loose-leaf, write the element symbols and their corresponding spdf electron configuration for elements with atomic number #39 through 55 (ODD ONLY). Then, check your work using the Periodic Table. - to be collected and graded for content
  • Question 1: (Answer on the same loose-leaf as above) How many valence electrons and core electrons does the element aluminum have, and how did you find it using the location of the periodic table (DO NOT USE THE ELECTRON CONFIGURATION). - to be collected and graded for content
  • Question 2: (Answer on a different loose-leaf than above) What is the difference between the ground state of an atom versus the excited state of an atom? To answer this, use the following link (CLICK) - will be checked for prep
  • Look in Jumprope, if you have not done 7 or above in a content outcome for any LABS, please come to office hours on Wednesday at 3:50pm in room 307 so you may revise your lab in order to get half the points back, and thus your lab hours. If you don't have 7 or above, you do not receive any lab hours for that particular lab!
*I will collect the HW that was due on Monday!
**I will make some comments on your scientist PPTs so make sure you have shared it with me! There are a couple of groups in 10D that still haven't done so!