Chem HW - due 10/29

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  • Complete the "Isotopes" worksheet
    • answer the starred question AND practice problems #1-3. SHOW ALL WORK.
  • Lab#5 - Candium is due (it will be collected)
    • Make sure you have attached the Pre-Lab AND the Do-Now from Friday.
    • Make sure you have written out the METHODS section.
    • Complete all Data Analysis, Discussion Question, and Post-Lab Questions.
  • Bill-Nye Video Questions #1-3 will be collected!! So if you have not done that homework (it was assigned last Thursday), please complete the HW.

*I will let you know if you are eligible for a re-test in class on Wednesday. Students who are eligible should show up at 3:50pm, room 307 on Monday (11/3/2014) - it is not this Friday because some students will not be present on Friday due to Camp Bernie Trip.