Chem HW - due 10/21

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  • Answer the questions below on loose-leaf by going to the following website:
    • What is an atom?
    • How many occur naturally on earth?
    • CLICK CONTINUE... What are atoms made up of?
    • What is a "nucleus" of an atom?
    • What kind of charge does a proton have? neutron? electron?
    • CLICK on FUN FACTS... take notes on ALL the "fun facts"
  • Unit 1 Test Corrections due Friday - graded as a HW. Also, you MUST get your test SIGNED by a parent/guardian.
    • Also, if you received 7.5 or below, you MUST attend one of the chemistry office hours this week!
      • Tuesday 8-8:35am
      • Tuesday 3-3:35pm
      • Wednesday 3:45-4:20pm
      • Thursday 3:45-4:20pm
    • To do the corrections, you must explain why your previous answer was wrong, and why your new answer is correct. Show all work (the math) where applicable.
    • If you do not do the test corrections, you will not be eligible for a make-up exam, should you want to improve your grade.