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FMHS 10th Grader Yasmine Sanchez accepted to 2016 Manhattan Borough Arts Festival!

posted Mar 22, 2016, 8:40 AM by Ms. Danielle Salzberg
The opening night reception of this highly competitive art show is on June 6th at the Lower Eastside Girls Club and it will be open to the public on June 7-10.  Mark your calendars to celebrate Yasmine and the rest of the artists in the show!

Accepted piece:
"The Other Side of the Story"

Inline image 1
Artist statement:

This piece demonstrates that we need to recognize the problem of police brutality, but like a tape or chalk marking on the ground, we just step right over it like it didn't mean anything. I've had a friend lost to police brutality and this needs to stop. Look at this drawing and tell me there wasn't a time when you weren't looking when someone was in need, but when police came, it resulted in police overusing their power in a hostile way.  Why are we turning a blind eye to this and not fighting against this? Is it because they are of higher authority? The victims tell the story, but it's up to us to not walk over it but place it in the spotlight.


The creative challenges I encountered while creating my piece were the numerous scenarios I could think of to incorporate into one drawing. It was hard because I don’t know everyone’s situation that could convey this meaning. I went and did research to get stories from the public. I used comparisons as seen on the banner in the drawing to show how we once were.


This piece of art changed my thinking because not everything is told. I would strongly dislike being the other side of the story. It made me wonder what policemen had going through their minds. Do they not, when they roam and inspect the streets, see the innocence our neighborhood creates? Or is it because we don't allow them into our society for what they did in the past? Overall, the piece changed me in a way to learn about the victims but also to think about the real culprit. I didn’t want to over exaggerate but to show the real, ugly truth.