Mission Statement

At Frank McCourt High School (FMHS), we prepare our students to be articulate and effective communicators in every medium. In particular, we develop students’ communication skills through their writing, presentations, classroom discussions and peer dialogue. In developing these skills, students also sharpen their critical and analytical thinking. 

Every student will graduate from Frank McCourt High School armed with the curiosity and intellect of a true life-long learner. We are committed to helping our students become engaged citizens and thoughtful civic leaders who can communicate their vision with clarity and eloquence.
  • Our school uses “problem-based learning” to develop students’ higher level thinking skills.
  • All students participate in regular teamwork and group presentations.
  • Additional graduation requirements include: 2 credits of internship-related action research, a digital portfolio and community service.
  • Non-traditional assessments in addition to Regents exams for measuring student progress.
  • Projects, presentations and extensive writing are required for all courses.