Staff Directory

Name Email Department
Mr. Paulo Andrade mr.andrade@fmhsnyc.org Language
Mr. Miguel Barrera mr.barrera@fmhsnyc.org Humanities
Mr. Scott Bruss mr.bruss@fmhsnyc.org  Assistant Principal
Ms. Sarah Buccleughms.buccleugh@fmhsnyc.org  Special Education 
Ms. Lisa Da Costa ms.dacosta@fmhsnyc.org Humanities
Mr. Tim Dennismr.dennis@fmhsnyc.orgIntegrated Science and Math
Ms. Lauren Evar
ms.evar@fmhsnyc.orgSpecial Education
Ms. Donna Gates ms.dgates@fmhsnyc.org Special Education
Ms. Annie Goberdhan ms.goberdhan@fmhsnyc.orgIntegrated Science and Math 
Mr. Daniel Goldin mr.goldin@fmhsnyc.orgSpecial Education
Ms. Emma Haddad ms.haddad@fmhsnyc.org Integrated Science and Math
Ms. Kate Hickey ms.hickey@fmhsnyc.org Humanities
Mr. Victor Hiciano mr.hiciano@fmhsnyc.org Special Education
Ms. Emily Holder ms.holder@fmhsnyc.org Physical Education
Mr. Jason Javiermr.javier@fmhsnyc.orgCounselor
Mr. Vince Joralemon mr.joralemon@fmhsnyc.org Integrated Science and Math
Ms. Nusrat Khan ms.khan@fmhsnyc.org Integrated Science and Math
Ms. Laryssa Kramarchuk ms.kramarchuk@fmhsnyc.org Integrated Science and Math
Mr. Brandon Lantz mr.lantz@fmhsnyc.org Language
Ms. Shelly Lichtman ms.lichtman@fmhsnyc.org School Secretary
Ms. Stephanie Manaster ms.manaster@fmhsnyc.orgHumanities
Mr. Ethan Manismr.manis@fmhsnyc.orgHumanities
Ms. Leslie Mathes ms.mathes@fmhsnyc.org Integrated Science and Math
Ms. Kristie Monegroms.monegro@fmhsnyc.orgHumanities 
Ms. Julie Morris ms.morris@fmhsnyc.org Guidance / Admissions / Internship
Mr. Sujan Niraula  mr.niraula@fmhsnyc.org Integrated Science and Math
Ms. Emily Pelton ms.pelton@fmhsnyc.org Media
Ms. Cristina Rade ms.rade@fmhsnyc.org Integrated Science and Math
Ms. Donna Rashidova  ms.rashidova@fmhsnyc.org Humanities
Ms. Danielle Salzberg ms.salzberg@fmhsnyc.org Principal
Mr. Sam Schwartz mr.schwartz@fmhsnyc.org Physical Education
Mr. Peter Thompson mr.thompson@fmhsnyc.orgHumanities
Ms. Dora Treanor ms.treanor@fmhsnyc.org Special Education
Mr. Luis Tavarez mr.tavarez@fmhsnyc.org Special Education
Ms. Irene Yannascoli ms.yannascoli@fmhsnyc.org  Humanities